Friday, 10 June 2016

Customer Service is what makes us

After the ridiculous day I had yesterday, I can truly say that I am ecstatic that I started over again today. From nothing yesterday, to a drop-in at the studio as well as an e-mail request, we had some movement today. 

And to make my day, I got my first compliment on our service - yeah!! Making progress!!

Touching base here, my previous place of work always enforced that the most fundamental focus for any business is the personal touch and quick responses - I will take this with me where ever I am for the rest of my life. 

This is what we offer at Groove Inc. Productions, we might not be a big and mighty multi-national company, but we have love for what we do and this will show in how we interact with our clients and the end product that we will produce. This is where we will thrive and build relationships for years to come. 
After all, what is business all about?

Candice Davies

Groove Inc. Productions

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