Monday, 13 June 2016

A New Week and A New Chance

With it being a rainy Monday, no one really felt like leaving home in this weather. I stuck my foot out of the bed this morning and my reaction was: "no, no, just a few more minutes please"
I think for everyone in Johannesburg, this was a similar scenario this morning.

But, when you have a business to kick start for the week, you know that you too, have no choice and must get going!

What is exciting today is that we are meeting a very kind woman is helping us to help Frik! Groove Inc is trying to help Frik get back onto his feet - he has an amazing voice, but has become very shy due to his shaking (Parkinson's sufferer)...and after a terrible accident, he is no longer able to get work, leaving him in a situation where he has to beg for money every day in order to feed his children.
So, Pam has kindly agreed to meet with us and listen to what Frik has to offer so he can perform at the retirement village to build his confidence and have a starting place to earn some money.

Please wish us luck as this is the first stepping stone to helping Frik on a new and better path and future for him and his children

If you also like to help Frik, please give me a call, we are open to all opportunities.

Candice Davies
079 693 3326

Groove Inc. Productions 

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