Thursday, 9 June 2016

2016 and where Digital Marketing is taking us

Successful digital marketing comes from collecting, analyzing and using data about when and where customers spend their time. Using YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc…are all excellent means of spreading the word and monitoring your customers’ responses and feedback. It is also a good way to expand your name within your audiences interacting and reacting to your posts/shares/videos.

Unlike TV where your customer can skip forward (new PVR decoders) or use the “spare” moment to dash to the bathroom or attend to dinner, with Digital Marketing, your customer is searching the information, finding the information and reacting to the information. Firstly making them feel apart of your brand as well as actually obtaining the target base that you are looking for.

SO, to expand your options in Digital Marketing, give Groove Inc. Productions a call and we can help to grow your digital stamp.

Candice Davies
Groove Inc. Productions

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