Thursday, 30 June 2016

Charity Grows Hearts

Hi Everyone

So, touching base with Frik again :) The FANTASTIC news is that his first performance at the Old Age Home went better than we anticipated!! Frik sang exceptionally well and the ladies and gentleman loved it. 
For me, this was the most gratifying day I have experienced in many see the joy on these peoples faces and to know how much the donations Frik received will better his life for a little while.

Talking about gratifying feelings though - every Wednesday we go shopping for our groceries, but this week was different...Martin (a.k.a. groovemasta) and I were just walking along checking our list for what we need, when a black gentleman approached us asking to help him. As is with everyone's first reaction, we responded with "We don't have money", to receive a response of "I don't want money, but please can you help me to purchase some the items I have in my basket, there is no food at home and we are hungry".
With this response, what can a person say, but okay! Looking at his little basket, he did not have a lot, but good things: a loaf of bread, some frozen fish, a little bottle of milk and a bag of apples. We take it for granted the day to day "luxury" foods that we eat, but this man was so very grateful that he could not stop thanking us.

And also remembering the day Martin (a.k.a groovemasta) saw a guy begging for food at a Robot on his way to shopping one week, he bought a loaf of bread and Pap knowing that the food he bought would last the man a little while, again, this man was so appreciative that he could not stop thanking him.

This is what groovemasta's MUSIC REVOLUTION is all about - giving it back
We may not be able to change the world at once, but every little thing you do counts, and this can grow into anything and/or everything.

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