Saturday, 26 November 2016

What is the measure of success?

I know that most people measure success in how much money you have or have made, but I think there are different things that show whether you have been successful or not!?

If someone were to ask me has Groove Inc. Productions been a success in the first year it's been open, I would say: "Hell Yeah!" and most people would probably think how can I say that as a startup business doesn't make much profit the first year?

Well, it goes back to what is the measure of success?

In terms of Groove Inc. Productions Think, Act, Make A Difference is more than just a slogan or a mission statement. It is who were are as people and what our company is all about! Yeah, every business wants to make a whole lot of money, otherwise you wouldn't be in business to begin with but for Us and Groove Inc. Productions our goal is to do what we can to help our fellow human beings where we are able and in so doing make a change to their lives!
Making money of course is also a goal but I'm hoping the two can go together and become one and the same, as the more money we can make, the more we can help others who are in need!

So if I measure success in that way, has Groove Inc. Productions achieved the top goal We set out for the company? Yes, it sure has!!

Firstly, I met Frik with Parkinson's disease begging at a robot to support his family as he can't get work just after I opened the business and found out he has a great voice. So we have been trying to get some paying gigs for him to perform at to try get him to be able to provide the kind of life for his family he wishes. By doing what we have been able to, we have changed Frik's life in a seemingly small way but it has had a profound effect on Frik and he is always so grateful for what we are able to help him out with.

Then we have Fortune, who I met by chance outside a shopping mall just as I was starting the business.
It's an interesting story come to think of it........I was having a smoke by my bike outside a shopping mall in Krugersdorp of all places, and I see this black guy walking up to me wearing an Obituary TShirt which I thought was interesting as Obituary is an Old School Death Metal band. So I stopped him and asked him about the shirt and he told me that he does actually like Obituary. We had a quick chat and he gave me his phone number as he is a rap vocalist and I was looking to start a new band.
Fortune has become a good friend of mine and because of Groove Inc. Productions, I have been able to give him a freelance sales rep job which has had a great impact on his life as it has restored his faith in himself and in others! For his birthday I gave him my old bike and he was so happy about finally being able to have his own transport. All of that and other little things here and there has had a positive impact on his life in many ways!!

So, that's how I know that Groove Inc. Productions has had a very successful first year in operation!!
To be able to have a positive impact on two people's lives and "changing" their world for the better is a great success!! Hopefully in our second year of operation, we'll be able to do that for 4 people as that would mean the second year will be a greater success!

We saw what was going on around us, we thought about it and what we could do, we acted upon what we could do and WE MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

Music is My Religion

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