Monday, 3 October 2016

What are Brain Triggers and how can they help your marketing?

I'm not sure if you might have heard of Brain Triggers or Share Triggers? Or you have but you're not exactly sure what it's all about and how to implement it?

Our brains are very complex "computers" that neuroscientists have gained a greater knowledge about since the turn of the millennium. More than in all of history combined.

Ever since the world wide web became accessible to pretty much everyone, thanks to smartphones, our brains get exposed to untold gigabytes of data via screen-based communication all our lives. Technology plays such a huge role in our daily lives, evident just by watching people who are all glued to their phones, tablets, iPads etc.

Getting an understanding of how our brains respond to multi-platform messaging is one of the key components in unlocking social media marketing success. How does the average social media user sort through a world's worth of information, when it's free and available instantly?

Our natural way to filter all this wealth of information is to prioritize that which acknowledges us as the emotion-driven, meaning-seeking beings that we are. Makes us feel good. Appears to be the easiest to understand.

8 things that are very important to consider when it comes to the human brain and marketing are:

1- Learning something new, exercising the brain
2- To inspire curiosity
3- Give answers and explain why
4- Good news always travels fast
5- Offering something new
6- Intuitive lists to help absorb information
7- Tell Stories
8- Action words work better than passive words

If you follow those principles and incorporate all the significant brain triggers are a recipe for success when it comes to social media marketing!

You're probably thinking to yourself: "That's all good but it's going to take up a lot of my time to do research and find out what brain triggers to use for which content??"

Luckily for those of you, WE have done extensive research into brain triggers and many other psychological aspects of online marketing.

What does that mean for you?

Well, we can take your online and social media marketing campaign off your hands and use the tried and tested methods to give your company the edge over your competition, while you concentrate on the daily running of your business.

So, if you would like to grow your online presence and have a successful social media marketing campaign, contact us without delay! We offer a number of digital marketing solutions, as well as an all-in solution for those who are starting out!

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