Friday, 2 September 2016

Social Media – WHY so IMPORTANT?

Can we afford to be digitally impaired with the World Wide Web being such an integral part of our daily workings?
No, we cannot!             SO…
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Why have Social Media Platforms become so very important to your business growth?
It is so time consuming, but seems so necessary – WHY?

Social Media Platforms are more about the conversation rather than selling…It is VERY important NOT to oversell and rather keep your viewers/customers interested and curious, because this is what builds relationships and trust in your brand. This in turn, is what will lead to sales.
So you must use this opportunity to build and shape your online reputation.

The good news of course is that Online Marketing is much cheaper than the standard forms of advertising (being television, Radio, Billboards), there is some cost, like needing the people/businesses to maintain, but is substantially cheaper in the end!
You also have the wonderful means of being able to analyse your statistics much better than before and actually see what is or is not working for your brand, making it simpler to adjust and adapt to new ideas or tactics and adapt with the changes.
These “targets” change all the time, so you need to keep up and make sure you are keeping with what is new now.

Noting that 40% of the world’s population has internet access today, making that over 3.5 billion people (increasing from 2.1 billion in 2015) of which 90% of users are on mobile devices…
CLEARLY, online marketing is becoming more and more important every day!
As a wise lecturer said to me, if it cannot be done with a thumb, it cannot be done! This is becoming more and more true, with so many mobile device users, if you are not in with the times, you will fall behind.

Video Marketing is also on the increase because it is less effort for the viewers, but gets the message across clearly and quickly.
People are so busy that they have smaller attention spans and so many distractions. Short, concise and enticing videos are the new angle…
But WHY?
* It is quick and easy to absorb
* When someone can SEE, they are more likely to trust
* Boosts SEO
* Can be viewed on any platform (YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc…)
* Viral Videos are the biggest target to achieve (making your brand something to talk about, and people love having something to talk about that is different from the everyday mundane)

Remember, online marketing is all about the customer and not you…so you need to stick to quality and extensive information to build your brands name.

So stick with your game plan and grow online!

Candice Davies
Part Owner / Customer Liaison

Groove Inc. Productions
Cell: 079 693 3326


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