Friday, 22 July 2016

Cheapest is not always best = Digital Marketing Strategies

Hi Everyone

Sorry, yes, it has been a while since my last blog...I have been waiting for something WoW to happen, but alas, it has not been the case :(
But that is okay, we continue to push every day!

The good news is that it looks like we officially have a couple of regular customers for the recording studio side of our business, but alas, NO ONE seems to believe that their digital marketing platforms are managed badly and therefore do not want to give me a chance to even here goes:

"SEO is one the most important factors related to online marketing channels, without this, your potential customer will not see your website/profile and therefore go straight to the competition. I also see a lot of businesses are running their SEO off a Facebook profile only...This is a bad concept! Yes, I know it is free, but alas, will not get the attention needed to draw customers in. With digital marketing, you need to use EVERY platform available to you, if it is free, GREAT, but sometimes you do need to spend a little something else to bring in the customers. Your website is your first impression when on a digital platform, this is what people will relate to your company and what you are all about. 
ie. No Website = no interest
The same goes for all your platforms, you need to make yourself seen...remember: out of site, out of mind"

So, come on everyone, give us a shout, we will do a free assessment for you and tailor make a package to work with your budget.

Candice Davies

Groove Inc. Productions
Cell: 079 693 3326

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